Who we are and what we do

As we all know, the diversification and globalization of culture and information is rapidly accelerating. The evolution of new technology for smartphones and tablets is happening daily. With this background, Smart Education was founded with a strong will to “create a new market that will impact the society”.

Many of us learn after growing up that life can be a lot of fun or less enjoyable, according to the ways you perceive and approach things. Following this example, we thought that making kids start to think and take action for themselves from childhood can help open a lot of doors for them in life. This motivated us to start a business strictly focusing on “intellectual education for infants and young children”.

“Intellectual education” will trigger kids to think. Therefore, providing infinite opportunities to think through playing and having fun will directly enhance kid’s ability to learn and think for themselves.

We want kids to enjoy learning and interact with others, especially with parents. We want to help kids discover what they are really interested in and stimulate their imagination that will, in the long run, offer them maximum possibilities. We will keep on challenging ourselves to serve and help kids with propose novel ways of learning.

Creating a service that surpasses time, culture and language

Everybody has their “favorite book” or “choice of learning material”. We want to be that everlasting educational content that comes back as a fond memory for adults when they look back in their youth. Our goal is to become the leading promoter of parent-child communication via digital educational medium in the safest way.

Our Service

Planning, creating and selling educational application for kids via smartphones/tablets all around the world.

We focus most on creating product that enhances “communication between kids and parents”. We make sure it is a communication tool that is high in quality, fun and filled with various knowledge that even adults can enjoy.

Our Next Step

The progress in diffusion of smartphone/tablet is exploding. This device accommodating features of cell phone, PC and TV all in one and easy to carry will be a household item in the nearest future.

There are no boundaries for music and picture books for infants. All of our products are provided in Japanese and English, thus capturing many users around the world.

We will first expand into North America. In the future, we will provide a truly universal learning environment for the developing countries. Income and place don’t matter. All one needs is to have a smartphone or a tablet.

Along with the creation of various education apps, we are planning to advance the formulation of our educational platform branded as “Smart Education”, networking users’ educational experiences systematically.